Thursday, June 04, 2009

Psychedelic Salad

I mentioned in my Azure post the hemp oil I bought last month.  There is a recipe for an italian-style salad dressing on the back, and it makes me laugh every time I open the fridge.

It reads:

2 parts water
2 parts vinegar
2 parts hemp oil

Shake with herbs and serve....

Now, is it just me, or are their ratios a little... groovy?  If you have "two parts" of everything, then you have "equal parts" or "one part"of each.  You don't say "two parts" of every ingredient.

So I think they must have been using a particular "herb" in their dressing, when they wrote this recipe.

By the way, we use hemp oil for nutritive purposes, not that there are any other purposes (that I'm aware of, anyway).  I put it in our smoothies instead of flax oil sometimes, because it's so good for you (wiki).  It's not one you'd use for cooking, so raw in salad dressing or other applications is appropriate.

Groovy, man.

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