Friday, July 11, 2008

Girls Will Be...?


Girls are sugar and spice and all that, right? Pink, and dresses, and ribbons and tea parties. I'm not a very frilly girl, and my girls aren't overboard either, but they're definitely into dollies and doilies.

So why am I having to deal with weird bugs being left in jars... in my house? Mothers of girls should never witness their darling cherub tearing the head from a grasshopper in the garden. Should they? Yes, praying mantis are good... but do we have to pick them up, even if they're little and unlikely to attack? I just don't like fondling worms. I don't like to talk about spiders at the dinner table, and I should not be stain-treating muddy clothes three times daily. I especially don't like hearing about the amount of blood (or whatever is inside them) that shoots out from a Colorado Potato Beetle when you mash it. My four-year-old said, "I like to break beetles."

Good grief.

They like to watch the cat toy with and munch mice, or catch and chew a writhing snake. At Hubby's company barbecue at The Country Club, they were cradling and petting something small... "What do you have there?" I asked. "A snail!" they exclaimed. I looked closer at their pet and made an exclamation of my own. "That's not a snail, that's a slug! Ewww!!! Yuck! Put it down!"

I think Little Artist is scarred from the incident. My reaction. Not the slug snuggling.

I don't mean to assume that this is what mothers of boys go through. Lord help us, if my girls are this bad, I can't imagine how boys are. How do you survive mothering sons? I'm not sure I'm going to survive these not-so-girly girls...


Gayle said...

I'm new at blogging, and I was brousing through the blogs of people who homeschool and came across your blog about your girls. I have two girls, ages 14 and 12. They are not girly-girls either. In fact, my youngest refuses to like the color pink. We live on a hobby farm and love all the critters we meet. They have actually grown out of holding bugs and crawly things. Right now we have a fish bowl full of tadpoles.

Thanks for the laugh, as I think about my girls.

MamaJ said...

HAHA!!! I am laughing because my husband is very upset with me over the whole "boys and bugs" issue. Apparently I have made our sons dislike any bug, in any form, They loudly proclaim, "EWWW," when we need to rid our house of an insect. They refuse to even use their tennis shoe-clad feet to squish a spider for Mommy. Where's the Happy Medium, I ask you???

Cayce said...

Hey ... I'm a friend of MamaJ and read your blog frequently. I have 2 boys myself and my oldest one lives for bugs and critters of any kind. He is fascinated by their existence and inspects them every chance he gets. My father-in-law is the same way. For instance, my FIL found a dead male stag beetle and procured it for my son. That has been added to the collection of other dead and mummified creatures in our household.

Because of this (and many other reasons), I'm conviced God has quite a healthy sense of humor because I will loudly proclaim that "I don't do bugs" to anybody who will listen long enough. But when my son comes home with a new creature - dead or alive - I am very interested in what he has and help him research things about it.

Boys will be boys and sometimes girls will, too. HA!