Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here We Go Again...

Do you remember Hubby's crazy diet from last year? Well, I'm sorry to say he's put back on a chunk of the weight he so fabulously lost. The doctor hadn't seen or weighed him in awhile, and last month was alarmed at the speed with which he'd gained. So, he ordered another food-sensitivity test (among other things), and we got the results back last Wednesday, just in time for holiday get-togethers. *sigh* Hubby thinks it's mostly an issue of self-control, and I agree, but that doesn't make it any easier! Seems like over-indulgence causes his body to find certain foods poisonous, and that facilitates weight gain. Not fun.

He has more things he's sensitive to, this time around, but that's probably because they tested him on 154 foods instead of 115. Red pepper is okay (thank goodness), but black pepper isn't. Thankfully (and astonishingly) coffee remains fine, and even wheat, although rye tested sensitive. All shellfish but the clams are fine this time around, but he tested very high for sage (yes, the herb), and again for parsley. Carrots are ok. Spinach, notsomuch. And the yeasts were the highest reaction. No more homemade wine for this man! At least not for 90+ days...

I gathered up a few brain cells the other night, and organized the 'okay' foods into an amenable four-day rotation. Which is proving to make tonight's Church Christmas Banquet (which we've committed to and paid for) and exercise in extra-work. I need to plan and prepare something from "day 3," pack it and he can eat it while watching the rest of the world dine on cheese and dairy and pumpkin and vinaigrette. I'm pretty sure this church won't be serving a keg, however, so we're clear on that note. :)

Last night I steamed some broccoli, defrosted 3 quarts of cooked rice, and mixed it with a big pile of canned salmon. I seasoned it with toasted sesame oil and lemon juice, and while not something I'd make normally, he did eat and enjoy it, more or less. I made a bunch of it, so I can freeze individual portions for emergency "day 2" meals in the future.

It's the little things that kill. Did you know saltine crackers have yeast??? Who would think? I thought I might make a salmon-loaf type thing last night, but couldn't use bread crumbs, obviously, so started looking at the saltine crackers (now, before you take me to task, NO, I usually don't buy such things, but just recently did for making my favorite Christmas Cracker Candy, ok? Forgive me.). But yeast is in there. Plus, they were not only wheat, but had malted barley flour, and that just complicates things terribly. Barley is reserved for a different day. I mean, c'mon.

So, that's what we'll be doing this holiday season. Talk about practicing self-control.

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