Sunday, May 24, 2009


Organique, this past winter.

That my mom is here for the weekend, giving me a hand with some of what's on my plate, driving many hours to do so, dealing with my stepbrother's 2 kids along the way and the delay and expense of putting the wrong fuel in the car she almost never drives.

That after five days of working far more than he didn't, Hubby gets 3 days off - not even on call.

That while I lamented the state of my garden and un-planted plants, Hubby was, after a LONG nap (which I didn't begrudge him, even if I was starting to freak out a little), able to tear apart the rototiller (again) and get it running (again) on Saturday.

That after putting Organique to bed, Hubby and I got to take some time to ourselves and go on a drive.

That after hitting a skunk on said drive, the extended freeway-route we took to circle towards home did the job of airing out the underside of the van.

That we didn't hit the other skunk that was within inches of the same fate.

That I planted some more potatoes.

That the brief windstorm doesn't look like it wiped out my peppers entirely.

That my carrots are beginning to sprout.

That my kids have cousins to play with this weekend.

That we haven't killed the kitten we're watching for some out-of-town friends.

That the weather has been mostly lovely.

That I've been able to keep myself from the breadstuffs.

That I've been able to eat a *few* more vegetables.

That Granny hit her 91st birthday this past week.

That we enjoyed a rhubarb upside-down cake in her honor.

That rhubarb is a vegetable.

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