Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Will it ever end? Will I ever "get" organized? Or is it all about the journey...?

In any case, I've spent a considerable portion of the last couple weeks' time and energy into that very thing. Of course, bending, lifting, putting one foot in front of the other, those things are tricky. Much of what I've 'organized' is intellectual. In between laundry and cooking and vacuuming and (slowwwllyyy) chasing kids, of course.

I loaned out my MOTH book, so while I also needed a new "Master Schedule," I started revamping our Chore Packs (after locating them.. Some we're still searching for. Others we're searching for again.). Managers of Their Chores really is such a great resource. Working through the list of 'jobs that need done around here' was really overwhelming. Moreso when I started assigning those jobs, on paper. Eventually the 'organizing' part was done (which is far more than would've happened without that book!), and I printed out cute little chore cards for the girls (now to make my own...). For some reason, mine print out vertically, as opposed to the horizontal orientation shown on the book's cover.. Not sure why... Last week we started implementing JUST the morning chores - things like read bible, pray, get dressed, make bed, brush hair and teeth, straighten room, empty dishwasher, set/clear breakfast table, pick up dining/kitchen floors, etc. Big Sister jumped right in, usually doing all of her jobs decently and in reasonable time. Li'l Artist was another story. An hour into it, I was usually still helping her read (i.e. "guess") her chore cards, and encouraging her in each one. With my one-on-one attention she did things with a fairly good attitude, as well.

This week we're implementing the lunchtime, afternoon, dinner, and evening chores as well (lest you think I'm *totally* wicked-stepmother material, the dinner and evening chores are VERY light). So far it's slow going, but at least we're making some progress. Misplaced chore packs are becoming a problem, however, and I hope to come across them shortly!

It has helped, to be sure, because things that were just *so easy* to overlook (it's only one thing on the floor... it's only 2 little things...) are now definite "to-do" items, regardless of their smallness. Their room is getting daily attention (and ok, I did have to sit in there with them this weekend and crack the whip over some shoddy work), as is their bathroom and laundry. The upstairs hall had it's first thorough cleaning and vacuuming yesterday (and that's noteworthy), and I'm hoping I'll be inspired to actually... *gulp* clean my room before my midwife makes a home visit in less than 2 weeks. Daggum midwife wants to see "wherever I may be laboring." *grumble grumble*

Less than In the neighborhood of 6 weeks to go!

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MamaJ said...

WHOA!! Is it really only about 6 weeks to go?? It seems like you just told us you were expecting!

So, you like the Managers of Their Chores book? I have been debating getting that one also. I haven't done very well using the MOTH. (It's me, not the book, though!) Well, I'm off to do some of my own organizing!