Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well, I didn't win that food dehydrator, darnit.

And I feel entirely terrible that I haven't written much on here in some time. I have some ideas; posts about my shoes (contain your excitement, I know), hobbies (ha, ha), books I'm reading (oh, I'm loving that library card), the funny stuff (Organique [presumably] scribbling in the toilet - below the waterline - with a pencil), funny-but-also-not stuff (Baby suddenly shrieking and wailing, and my rush to examine her - finding a pokey cheat-grass seed in her cloth diaper), Hubby's new old diet, my homeschool room almost-redo, my updated wish-list, household fun (the pellet stove emitted ash one day through it's chimney pipe - which is full of more ash and needs swept [will happen tomorrow], and a day later the furnace broke), and more.

There's always a reason, you know? I'm nursing Baby and don't have 2 hands free, or I need to take a picture of [whatever] before I can post about it, I need to upload the picture of [whatever] before I can post about it, I nearly removed half the nail (and flesh to go with) from my left index finger and if I type, I'll squirt blood all over (well, not really, but almost).

BUT - at least now I've written this idea list, and can refer back to it, letting guilt hammer me into cooperation with my efforts to document this crazy life. Oh, and if you're just on the edge of your seat to hear more about any of the above sooner rather than later, feel free to guilt me into it leave a comment with your requests. :)

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