Friday, May 14, 2010


Despite the wintery weather we've suffered in this past month, the "farm" side of our place is coming along.  That happens when you order your critters in March; you have no choice but to deal with them when they show up!

We ordered our standard 50 cornish cross broilers, though I'm almost ready to double that, and sell the balance.  We'll see how it goes this year, and maybe we can do that next time.  

The best part is they're over 4 weeks old now, and we have lost ONLY TWO - the one Organique squished (oh, that is so hard to write!) and another in that first couple days.  I don't know if it had to do with the organic starter or not, but I'm happy to see it.  Here they are on Thursday:

On Tuesday we picked up our three turkey poults, and a Rouen duck.  Here are the poults.  We only got 3, because we still have some turkey in the freezer.  We got the broad-breasted bronze this year:

Here is the duck.  He's cute now, but I'm not looking forward to his/her goings on in future years.  We don't plan to eat it:

Here is a handful of our hens.  We have 2 roosters, and about 20 or so hens.  The gold (buff orpington) rooster is in the foreground, and Big Ed (a light brahma) has a white body, black tail, and has his head down, above and to the left of the gold.

They're doing well laying eggs for us finally; better when we DON'T suddenly realize Organique is missing, and the mad scramble to find her finds her madly scrambling eggs in the chicken house.  But we haven't had any of those days lately.. *sigh*

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