Friday, February 04, 2011

Boo Hiss

Well, I'm back.   Or, more precisely, my computer is back. I still love it, but I'm less in love with the People Behind It than I was before.

Last year I got a MacBook.  And I can't tell you how excited I am to be using it now, 10.5 months later, and it still WORKS! That never happened with most computers I've owned.

However, there's a line on the screen that is lighter than the surrounding area, mostly noticeable when watching a movie or with other dark-screen things.  I hauled it with me to an Apple Store when I visited Gigi a bit ago, to get their advice.  I had to have an appointment with a Genius, and he ascertained that I needed a new screen, which he could fix. Because it was still within the first year of ownership, it would not cost me anything. However, to have him fix it, I would have to leave the computer with him for a few days, plus make a backup of all my data beforehand.  Well, I was leaving town that evening, and couldn't just run to and fro for such a thing (besides not having an external hard drive, etc), so he advised me to call Apple Care, get a special box shipped to me, ship my computer to them after making my backup, and on and on. I jumped through these hoops, and send my laptop to them last Monday.

I received a call yesterday, "Leah" informing me that the screen replacement is NOT covered, that their technician decided the computer was mistreated somehow, therefore it would cost me.

Seven hundred, seventy-five dollars.

Are. You. Flippin'. Kidding. Me?!??!?

Um, thanks but no thanks.  Send it back please.

Which they did.

I called the store to find out why the disparity between decisions, and apparently that's just how it works. If the store decides there is no additional damage between their last assessment and this one, they will still fix it.

If I get it to them.

If I reserve a big block of 'genius' appointments so they can do it on-site.

If they have the right part in stock.

If, if, if.

Quite frankly, I'm a little bothered.  I lived five days without my computer, certainly subjecting it to temperature shifts and road vibration and who-knows-what.  I shopped for an external hard drive (which I probably should have done anyway, but wouldn't have). I even re-visited Gigi in the interim, wherein I could have done the now- recommended option.  Making another trip (or even two, if the repair is delayed) will not be exactly cheap, or easy.  I don't think any of those Mac Geniuses have been in a room with four children, let alone spent 4 hours round-trip with them in an enclosed van.  Do you think they can operate carseats with the same skill with which they operate Mac OSX?

IF I show up, and the've changed their minds, I might just make a scene.  Or, alternatively, let my children loose in their store for 5 minutes... :]

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