Friday, April 15, 2011

A Chainsaw, Part 2

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I bet you're wondering what this has to do with a chainsaw about now. :)

Realizing we were completely overlooked by my grandpa and my cousin - in favor of good citizens and homeless pets - was hard to assimilate. It hurt. Really hurt. I began to second-guess all our interactions with Gramps' over recent years, his relationship with my husband (seemingly close, when we visited). I took inventory to see if I could pinpoint anything I did or was doing that would deserve (at least in his eyes) this. My brother owed him money (measured in the hundreds, NOT thousands), but I didn't. :) I began to see that even if I didn't feel legally entitled, there was obviously a reason that I felt so slighted.

So I began to blame myself in a more spiritual sense. :) There is a reason GOD chose not to provide this for us. We aren't trustworthy. "What would you do, hon, if we suddenly had $30,000 fall into our lap?" I asked. "Build my shop. Maybe get a bigger truck." Aha! Now I could blame my husband. :D "See honey, that's why God didn't give us an inheritance from Grandpa. We're selfish." (I did say this with a grin) "Could be.." he said.

I reminded myself that God is not bound by my grandpa's will. That HE is far more concerned, involved, and able than my grandpa was. My girls' future is not limited or hindered by the absence of Gramps' inheritance (even if he missed out on that blessing).  And I was told something that made it obvious... something about a chainsaw. :)

Among the crap tools we brought back from Grandpa's overstuffed garage was a chainsaw. I don't know why Hubby grabbed that; we already had a big one and a little one (I think) here. Maybe he wanted a middle-sized one so he could make up his own bizarre Goldilocks tale. Also, there was something wrong with it, and it wouldn't stay on. He gave it to one of our cousins nearby. This cousin ended up giving it to his dad in another state, though he really wanted and needed one. His dad fixed it without any trouble, and Cousin's next-door-neighbor GAVE him one - nearly identical but smaller, which was better - that worked perfectly. Cousin's dad, after fixing the chainsaw, used it.

He used it to cut firewood. He was hired to help some millionaire clear some land, so he has done so. He has been able to sell the wood, gaining much-needed income for himself and his wife. More than that, he has cut firewood and GIVEN it to SIX families - most of them older widows I think - who were in dire straits for heating their homes this winter.

When our cousin told me this story, I was encouraged. Encouraged that God can take so little, and bless so many. Just because my grandpa and my cousin limited our portion does NOT mean that our portion is worthless. One faulty chainsaw barely registers in the Total Estate Value, but look! It provided heat for six families and income for another! Plus, someone is getting their land cleared. I believe, if we keep an open hand, that these blessings will multiply and GOD will be glorified. We won't be resting in the faith we have in Grandpa's money, but in the faith we have in God. And perhaps Jesus has a better plan. Just maybe. :)

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