Saturday, February 04, 2012

Granny's Treasures II

This is another treasure I found at Granny's. It's an old cigar box (and yes, that's my new old table it's on).

When it's opened, it still has (I assume) the original pricetag and brand label. I just love the vintage art. Do you suppose that girl represents the '40s? Was it 'vintage art' when it was made, or do you think this was a modern look? I don't know how old the box is, really. 

It held another treasure inside though. A little old American flag.

You can tell it's old, because Alaska and Hawaii don't have stars on it. :) We have a large one like this that Gigi flew on our house every flag-related holiday when I was younger.

I think I like "things" too much. I would have a very hard time parting with things like this. Partly because they were from Granny's, so remind me of her; partly because they're fairly 'irreplaceable' and feel like a link to a history of which I wish I knew more. I need to think up some good, practical uses for these things to justify keeping them. :)

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