Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DId You?

Click the link in that sticky? You should. She continues with excellent 'reporting on the reporting.' Are you at all concerned? Or do you figure that they're twisted cultish people and they're probably abusing the kids, so due process shouldn't apply to them anyway?

Do YOU have any twisted, cultish beliefs? According to the state, that is. The belief that things like marriage and motherhood are good, noble aspirations? See, that's not okay. Teen pregnancy, free birth control, and abortion are fine with the state. Peer pressure to have sex at a young age is okay. Seventy percent of California's 'underage' pregnancies involve older men. That's a pretty big statistic. I think Californians should have all their kids forcibly removed too.

All those newest headlines about the 30+ "new" teens that are pregnant? How do you figure they know that? We've heard about how their birth certificates and driver's licenses are untrustworthy (this age of identity theft and all). You'll love this... They are classifying them as minors because they look young. SO scientific, and definitely strong enough evidence to start destroying families! ... Just a thought; I'm 30, but put me in a pink puffed-sleeve prairie dress, do my hair up all old-school, feed me fresh veggies and sunshine, then put me in a foreign environment that has the power to destroy me, and I'm gonna look younger! There's a thought...

Just so you don't jump all over me; I'm not saying there's no abuse. I'm not saying that these people are all innocent. But I'm definitely not saying that the evidence so far has shown legitimate reason to do this. Same sect or not, we can't use testimony from someone who left the same belief system five (or more) years ago as proof that these people are doing the same things others have.

Really, do some reading. She uses links to articles and quotes and all the stuff I'm not having time to do. Please.

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