Saturday, September 06, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday!

Big Sister is 7 today.

I can't believe it (I never can).

We're hopelessly at a loss as to what to do as a celebration; being sick derailed my house-reclamation plans, and what energy I did have left was spent remaking a room for the girls.

I painted the 'computer' room very girly, and then surprised them with the news that we'd be moving their beds and dressers (and not the rest of the junk) into there. It's the east bedroom, which gets the morning sun, but that will be good... right?

They slept in it last night, and Hubby finally installed the computer in their old room last night. This computer desk is the only thing that doesn't look like a whirlwind of destruction hit it. There's no other furniture in this room, but even so the carpet is showing only in spots...

I've been a mother 7 years now, and 7 is my favorite number. What a blessing. My heart is full of gratitude.

She is a wonderful sister, a great daughter, and is learning to be such a big help. She loves her baby sister to death, and (usually) treats Little Artist with kindness. She is a delight.

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