Sunday, November 02, 2008

Baby Clothes

I've decided there's nothing more darling than my little Organique in this outfit. It's old-school in appearance, and in these vintage-looking fabrics, it makes everything right with the world.

For the corduroy jumper, I used this pattern, but changed it up considerably. The pattern piece is from the dress with the criss-cross back, but I only used the front piece. I used it for both the front and back (because, let's face it, if I can turn it around and get another day's use out of it before washing, I'll do it!). Instead of facings, I lined it with a cute cotton print... so not only is it front-back reversible, it's inside-outside reversible. Hello four day jumper! Please beware: When doing linings like this without instructions, it is impossible (impossible, I tell ya!) to sew it correctly the first time (I've made three of these now, and each time I check and double-check and end up with the hem all screwy. Instead of the inside resting nicely inside, it's as though two hems met in the middle and made a tube. *sigh*) The inside is a tan print with little navy blue stars all over. It goes nicely with the other peasant blouse I made, which is the same print as the blouse here, but in blue.

For the blouse, I used
this pattern. I omitted the cuff ruffles (I cut the fabric at the elastic line).

Can someone buy my mama a decent camera, please?

I made the bloomers by drafting a pattern *loosely* based on these instructions. I say 'loosely' because there are a few set measurements in there, and it's intended for an adult, so I pared them down considerably. The fabric is a cotton with a mattress-ticking print. I love 'em.

Around here, we do a lot of layers in wintertime, so this works out great. The corduroy is a nice heavy fabric, but soft, and goes a long way toward warmth and comfort.

I also made similar blouses for my older girls. It's an easy pattern and the elastic isn't hard to work with.


annie said...

That is adorable! I love the jumper. Especially that it's reversible. More and more I'm seeing the practicality of lining the garments I make for my daughter. Less washing? You bet! I'm looking for a similar pattern I can use for an apron for my daughter....something that can easily slip on and off. I love the little shirt and bloomers! And the material is sweet. What's mattress-ticking?

EllaJac said...

Annie, mattress-ticking is that kind of stripe. It used to be used well, for mattress ticking (the outside of the mattress). It's generally red or blue, with a wide stripe bordered by two narrow stripes. I don't know if that explains it well...

My favorite way of shopping for patterns with three kids is watching my flyers for sales, then going to or whichever site, browsing there, noting the pattern #s, and when I DO get to the store (three kids in tow) I can go right to the drawer, grab my pattern(s) and go. Much easier than trying to keep kids off the racks while trying to page through a book. :)

home handymum said...

I love the idea of the 4 day overdress. (I just can't bring myself to say 'jumper' - in new zealand a 'jumper' is a woollen jersey or sweatshirt :~)

I just sewed my 4 year old an apron/smock thing, that has a back and a front - with ties to tie it around the waist, front and back. But she doesn't like that it's too tight. Looking Organique's dress has given me the idea of just tying the front to the back, rather than wrapping it around her tummy. Brilliant.

And the bloomers are too cute!

EllaJac said...

Handymum, actually, my girls and I often call such things 'overdresses', but I didn't know that was a "real word!" How funny! Really, I don't know where the word 'jumper' came from to describe such a thing. Or even the sweatshirt, for that matter!

Meghann said...

so cute!!!

home handymum said...

Goodness only knows. Probably some ancient scots dialect word.