Monday, November 10, 2008

More Election Thoughts

I have had this mulling around in my mind this past week, though my grandpa's death has displaced those thoughts somewhat. They're still there, though, and I feel like I need to write this, though the people (I think) need to read it, won't.

I am disheartened by what an Obama presidency is likely to bring, but even moreso by the people that voted for him. I know more than one person whose vote for him was nothing more than a lifelong habit of voting for democrats. No, it was more; it was a willful choosing of ignorance, shutting their eyes, plugging their ears, and singing, "la la la la la la la" to drown out the truth of that man's positions and plans.

The truly ignorant don't bother me as much. How can I hold someone accountable for acting as shallowly on election day as they do every other day? It's the Otherwise-Reasonable that get to me. Those who are supposedly well-informed, who seek information and act upon it. Who try to do right in their daily lives.

My angst is two-faceted: On the one hand, I am truly concerned for them. Even though the ones who voted in this (red) state didn't amount to anything in the final count, they will have to face God one day, and give account for their support of him. I truly, truly think there will be judgment for this. The other side of the coin is far more selfish, however. I actually feel like an Obama vote is an attack upon my children.

Does that seem unreasonable? It sounds like it. I want to say, "he supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. You have elected to remove my children from my authority and responsibility and make them ultimately children of the state. This is against God's plan, how could you do this? If that is ratified, I only have a right to parent my children as long as my parenting is pleasing to the state! How long until my morals, values, convictions become 'hate speech' and reason enough to 'reassign' the children God gave into my keeping. And you choose this for me." Do you suppose the baby bonds will indenture my children into the Mighty State Preschool Program that Obama envisions? What if I decide I don't want my children vaccinated according to the Mighty State Guidelines? Oh, that's right. They're not 'mine' if his plans come to fruition. If the state is in charge of my medical care, at what point does the 'choice' to kill an imperfect baby become an 'obligation'. Australia recently refused citizenship to a Down's syndrome person - because the state would have to foot the bill for healthcare. Might we eventually refuse 'life' for the same reason? Obama voters, YOU are doing this, to me and my children. Your candidate, indeed, your victorious candidate is okay with leaving abortion survivors to gasp their life away in biohazard bags without so much as comfort care. He thinks it would add a burden to 'the decision' to require someone to take a second glance at the life they've tried (unsuccessfully) to snuff out. This is not about pregnancy termination! Newsflash to Obama: once your baby is delivered, you're not pregnant any more! And as far as I know, women don't have the Right To Dead Babies, just yet. He, in fact, can't wait to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, rolling back every limitation (gestational age, method, parental notification, etc) currently imposed on abortion in varying states and districts.

God, please change his heart! And the hearts of those who support this! Show me, and each of us, what we can do to advance Your heart in America today.

I don't know if my fellow voters will see the day when they regret their support of him. I imagine not, if they're as quick to hide from the truth in the future as they have been in the past. I do hope, however, that the election of a black man to the presidency will bring healing to people who have felt as though there has never truly been an even playing field. I hope they can hold their heads high, knowing that America holds the same opportunities for them as for me.

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MamaJ said...

Have you ever read Gianna Jessen's story? It's called, "Gianna, Aborted and lived to tell about it." Very good book.