Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've been remiss on not tending to this, and it's a little awkward too, I guess...

While I was out of town, two lovely blogs granted me this "award" - which I REALLY don't deserve, especially considering their blogs are far 'lovelier' than mine, but I promised I'd acknowledge it when I got back home (which I did) and life smoothed out (which it never will :)).

So, thank you SO MUCH Benny and Meghann for your kind thoughtfulness (way back in January).

I'm supposed to pass this award on to three (or five?) blogs, and while I don't for a minute expect some of these bloggers to 'notice' such a thing here (and no, I'm not going to go tell them about it, either), do check them out.

Annie @ Brighter than Sunshine - ok, she might notice. :)  Expecting her second baby, she lives where it's WARM.  Therefore, lovely.

MamaJ @ Faithfully Following - ALSO living where it's generally warm, she has two active boys, an angelic baby girl, and is another blog "friend" of mine.

Truly one of the loveliest blogs I visit - though she's anything but a frequent poster - Jewels @ Eyes of Wonder always leaves me in tears (in a good way) and inspired to be better, gentler, kinder, and closer to Christ. Even reading her archives is a balm.  If you haven't visited there, please do.

Another lovely stopping place is Pleasant View Schoolhouse.  Anna takes lovely pictures, sews, and raises her family in - you guessed it - an old schoolhouse.

Lindsay @ Passionate Homemaking - the blogger I wish I was, nearly!  Mama to a darling little girl (and another baby due next month), she blogs on many worthwhile subjects, including Nourishing Traditions style recipes, natural living, ministering through the home, and much more.


MamaJ said...

Aw! Congrats to you & thank you for passing it on!

annie said...

Aw thanks! I feel so special! And guilty, since I haven't posted anything of substance in about two weeks! So I have to pass it on? Hmm.....