Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I think I have a sinus headache.  I'm not sure, though.  Yesterday, I noticed when I bent over, the low, center of my forehead ached.  It ached and throbbed when I touched it, too.  Today it has migrated an inch or two to the right, over my right eye.  I've had some congestion and whatnot, but I can still breathe fine.  It hurts worse today, though.  Is it just 'pressure' and 'congestion'?  Could it be a sinus infection?  I don't have a fever or green snot, or anything, so I don't imagine it would be.  But wow, it hurts.

The other night Hubby informed me that he thought our chest freezer was having problems.  Something on the top wasn't really frozen completely.  I told him the problem was that he stacked so much stuff on it (and I could never gain access) that he probably busted the seal out.  It's an OLD freezer, one that we traded our tiny 5 cubic foot freezer for (this one is around 22 cf), and is jam packed with beef, corn, tomatoes, peaches, all that stuff I blogged about 6 months ago.  He worked yesterday, but still thought there was a problem last night.  Today he unloaded it all into a pile on the floor of the garage, and removed it from it's cubby-hole.  He found a wire from (or to?) the thermostat that had come loose and arced and toasted itself pretty well.  He thought maybe he could fix that, or bypass something, but when he tried, he couldn't get the compressor to work.

So now, as we begin to shopping for a different vehicle, AND he's unemployed (mostly. STILL), AND America's politicians want to mess our economy up even more, we get to spend $6-700 on another freezer.  I'm sorry.  My headache makes me whiny  (and apparently keeps me from accepting responsibility for my poor attitude).

The good news:  After MUCH researching for the right size, brand, manufacturer, price, I was *finally* able to find one available in Town that doesn't require shipping "from the warehouse" (several hundred miles away).

Also good news: I'll be able to cash in on an idea I got while skimming Root Cellaring...  They discuss burying a refrigerator (sideways, door 'up' and after removing the compressor and whatnot) in the ground for use as a root cellar.  If we can find a place deep enough (before hitting rock) to do that, it sounds like an easy way to store all the garden produce I probably won't produce this year.


sariah said...

Okay, you got my curiousity up! Why will you probably not have a lot of garden produce this year? By the way, when do you usually start your tomatoes? I used to have a notebook with notes of when I start everything but I can't find it. I'm trying to remember if the middle of March was too early...

EllaJac said...

Hehe, 2 points for you! I've lately dropped several little non-sequitors and you're the first to notice (or at least say so). Mid march is probably good for tomatoes. I'm trying to remember how old they need to be to set them out. We (try to!) plant in mid-late May, so if they're 6-8 weeks to start, that would work.