Saturday, September 05, 2009


Hubby left Wednesday afternoon for 4 days.

Organique won't sleep until Mama does a long shift at the side of the crib. Routinely applying the board of education to the seat of understanding, though understanding seems slow in coming. If Mama turns her back, or walks 3 steps away, she's halfway out of the crib.

And there is no frustration like hearing a newborn's anguished wail from down the hall while trying to police The Crib. "Mama, Baby's crying!" and I abandon my post to go hold and comfort the little one. Upon my return, Organique is in the closet or up her sister's bunkbed or any other place but her bed. I can't keep her in with the Baby in my arms, though I did try it for some time last night. What about this situation qualifies as, "I won't give you more than you can handle. You can accomplish all I've called you to today."? Maybe Hubby trumped His plan?

We picked 50 lbs of peaches on Thursday morning, and I made 1 batch of jam pints. The rest are too green, thankfully. The fruit flies are planning to fly off with the kitchen, so everything is covered in flour-sack dishtowels.

Friday I felt crummy. Finally figured out the pain I had in one side for the past day and the crumminess added up to a case of mastitis. Bed rest, my midwife orders. Comments about "near your heart" and "lymph system drainage" and "can get really bad, really fast" make me anxious. Bed rest?!? Recollect that first paragraph above? There is (was) a birthday party to ready for on Sunday evening. "That must go, or someone else must do it," she orders. Many tears from the girl who was counting on her pink pinata and green-tomato cake. The family room remains in a state of halfway-torn-apart (have you seen this homeschool room? I'm so inspired!). Laundry needs done, clean dishes are no more, and the house is littered with banana peels, I have no doubt. There are 3 here in the vicinity of the computer.

I relate some of this to my dad, who replies with a story of a godly man who was told by his doctor that he had 3 months to live. "You don't understand," the man said. "God has more for me to do, but He wants me to slow down." He lived another 40-some years.

The peaches can go. The family room can pause or stop. The laundry and dishes... and food? I suppose they're on hold too. But if that is the message here (and I'd love to figure it out, quickly), how can I slow down beyond that? I must at least keep up with Organique, musn't I? Letting her get one step ahead results in banana mashed into everything, the refrigerator ransacked, and the toilet plunger as a bathtub toy.


Benny said...

My Finny went through that stage - also younger than 2 at the time. It was tough. I can give you a longer in person email if you are interested in my specific, techniques, but the short of it was that he gave up naps super early (I could only handle the battle once a day) and we gave up on the crib once he scaled it. In fact he slept with big bro Punky for months until they got separate beds. It worked well for us. And if he misbehaved, he lost the "privelage" of big bro in bed with him - as in, big bro got to fall sleep in our bed and Finny got left alone in his room with the door shut and baby locked. He caved quickly. Not sure if it would work for everyone, but with no naps (only a rest) and a little solitary confinement, he ended up being a great sleeper again.

I do hope you can let the other things slide, but that sleep one is a tough one to let go. I will pray for peace and for some relief somehow. I hope things get easier for you soon...


Benny said...

Oh - and by the way - I wanted to add after my more "practical advice" comment, that I am so very sorry things are piling up on you so very much right now. The sleep thing alone I know to be so heart breaking and frustrating and exhausting, let alone all the other struggles you have going on.

I just pray that things get better for you soon.


EllaJac said...

Benny, thank you so much. I appreciate your prayers, and information about how you dealt with this. I'm trying so hard to be consistent. I don't want a worse battle later, you know? She's already figured out that while nursing I'm slow enough that she can abscond (in my presence!) with some no-no, and will return on HER timeline, not at my behest. NOT a good thing!

This afternoon my mother-in-law came over, and has fed the kids (and me!) and with her supervising I know I can rest a bit easier.

Now, to see about nap time...?