Monday, September 07, 2009

Just Don't.

When you have haircutting wounds, and your beautiful little girls who look like this:

Call you from an outing with their Grandma to ask if they can get their haircut.

And you want *some* control of the outcome, so you compromise by offering to do it at home.

And you're 3 days postpartum.

And hormonal.

And emotional.

Expect this:

And this:
To render you a blubbering puddle of anguish.

Think it through next time, Mama.

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Benny said...

I totally cried when Finny was old enough to want short hair like his daddy and big brother. He always had the longest mop of blonde hair, and with no girls it was the closest I could get to really long hair. He looked so cute - so to see him just be all boy with a short cut... well, I was a mess. Why are we moms so emotional over such things? Although I think I was pregnant at the time, it was still just too much to handle. ;o