Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cheeky Girls

Blogger put these in reverse order, but I couldn't resist comparing pics of my girls at this age. Though when Little Artist was a wee one, I was using an old SLR camera, and don't have her cheekiest photos in digital format.

Here's the Recent One:

Here's Organiqe about the same age, give or take. She was the largest at birth, but looks pretty trim here!

This is Little Artist, younger than the rest. This was a crummy Kiddie Kandids shot. But oh, the cheeks she had!! I really need a scanner.

Tell me, doesn't Big Sister bear strong resemblance to the top photo?


sariah said...

So cute!! What chubby wubbies they all had! Right now my little chub is going through a horrible case of baby acne- poor fella.

EllaJac said...

Sariah, I'm surprised that This Baby hasn't had that at all. Organique had it terribly, and I think the other girls had it to one extent or another. Interestingly, this time around my 'baby blues' emotional-ness is almost nonexistent too, which surprises me to no end! I wonder if the same hormones contribute to both?

Meghann said...

Oh my goodness, they are absolutely adorable! I just love their sweet cheeks, so kissable :)