Monday, October 05, 2009

Done In

Saturday a week ago the turkeys and geese went on to their reward. Or punishment, as the case may be.

They were originally scheduled for the event a week prior, but a family engagement and crummy weather (too much wind for the propane burner) gave them (and us) a week of reprieve. The turkeys enjoyed it, escaping into the garden twice and raiding the tomatoes.

We did 9 birds total (2 geese, 7 turkeys), and I don't know how much they weighed or what they cost, because I've been busy. But they look tasty. The turkeys, anyway. Not so sure about the geese, but I've googled some recipes that we'll try out.

Hubby did most of the work, since the darling little bassinet in the shade of the apricot tree had a demanding resident at times (everyone should eviscerate poultry with a darling little bassinet parked nearby). I've decided it's easier to butcher poultry 6 weeks before having a baby than it is 6 weeks after!

I took a few pictures of the geese, since that was a first. Step 1: Have Hubby crawl into goose pen and grab a goose.
Step 2: Have Hubby drag goose out.

Be careful! Those wings can be lethal, I've read. Better be careful...

In fact, why don't you tie those wings down. Or, uh, ok... electrical tape would work too...

(No, I don't know how or why a dining chair got out there...)

Here's the wingspan of the larger gray goose. She ain't what she used to be, lemme tell ya.

I think the highlight of my day was making room in the freezers. All that leftover birthday ice cream just couldn't go to waste now, could it?!?

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