Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Girl

While that title would make a darling little blogname for our sweet Baby, it's probably not something that would stick forever.  Though if it did, it might become considerably less cute.

I just love her sweet chubbiness:
 "Do these pants make me look fat?"

She leaned out of the picture here, but you can't miss the roly-poly-ness:

I am hoping she hits that point soon where her development outpaces her weight gain.  I expect as she is able to do more physically that she'll stop gaining!  Maybe grow a little length to stretch out those rolls?  Our rear-facing carseat is good up to 22 lbs, and at last check she was 20.  She's 6 months from being able to sit front-facing, and it will be another round of musical-carseats if and when we need to change hers.  You'd think by now we wouldn't have to actually buy any more seats, but I'm not sure if that's the case...

Oh I just love this picture of her!  She'll be 6 months old in another week or more, and so far we haven't fed her any solid foods.  When we do, we'll basically follow the same plan we did with Organique.  We saw Gi-gi last weekend, and she had a few things of baby food in her pantry for some reason, which she gave us.  I looked at it perplexed for a moment, amazed that it's "about that time" - and happy that I didn't feel tied to Gerber's less healthy (in my opinion) expectations and recommendations for my wee one.

**Update:  Since drafting this post, she has indeed hit her first half-birthday, which was yesterday!  So, Hap Birt Baby Girl! She's also enjoyed one somewhat-cooked egg yolk, and might do so again today.  She did very well, and actually got most of it in her!


Danielle said...

She is wonderful! Are her eyes as dark as they seem in the picture? Just beautiful, rolls and all! Elias is 11 months now and has been eating egg yolks, rice, bone broth, butternut squash, rice pasta, banana, "anything we have for dinner" puree, mostly breast milk though...he still only has 4 1/2 teeth...so we can't be too adventurous! :o)

EllaJac said...

Danielle, yes, all our girls have brown eyes. The oldest and this one have deep, coffee-brown eyes, Little Artist *almost* as dark (still very brown), and Organique continues to develop her own color - still brown, but not as dark, more texture, if that makes sense... :)

Sounds like Elias is doing quite well! I've only just now given her a second egg yolk... I guess it's more for practice right now. :)

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!!! I love all her rolls in those pictures :)She is so sweet and you are so blessed!

Danielle said...

Yes, Eowyn's name is inspired by the Lord of the Rings. Joe liked Arwyn and Eowyn, but I was the deciding vote. It suits her.