Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Things Are

Things are good, for the most part.  The blog has been neglected, but at least the kids haven't been. :)  It's still relatively warm around here, and I wonder if it has confused the local wildlife.  Seems to me there has been an inordinate number of skunks dead on the road.  Don't they hibernate?  Did they wake up early with the groundhog?

Hubby has been 'off' work since mid-January... that is, working 10 hours a week and counting on unemployment and our tax refund to make up the difference.  He's managed to sheet-rock the remaining areas along the basement stairway walls, and even framed off the creepy crawl-space at the bottom of said stairs.  First he had to drill and pound and demolish some of the basement wall so he could build a little door (you know, so if and when our pressure tank or something goes haywire, we won't have to tear half the house down to get to it), and of course he did most of this late at night. :)  He got the tractor running again, and somewhat scraped the driveway.  It's not great, but you don't need a four-wheel-drive to get in or out.

I haven't really thought about this year's garden yet.  I've thought about last year's, though, and asked Hubby to pull some tomato vines and whatnot to get it a step towards ready.  That hasn't happened yet, but hopefully soon.  We're nearly out of last year's frozen tomatoes, and I'm hoping for a little more productive garden year this time.  Shouldn't be too hard, considering the measly harvest last year!  Unless you count Baby, of course.  I did work hard to bring her forth!

We did our taxes (or, rather, Turbo Tax did), and got a larger-than-expected refund.  Which, of course, makes me think about the camera that I already think about too much.  The one that draws close, then recedes, as circumstances and finances dictate?  :)  It was drawing closer, and then this weekend our 9-year-old refrigerator started acting up.  Hubby thought it was dead, and gnashed his teeth much, then transferred everything to the garage fridge and freezers (thank you God, for garage fridge and freezers).  He toyed with it a bit, got it to start working again, it cooled off, I cleaned all the shelves, started putting food slowly back in, but today it seems to be warming up again.  Maybe it's a zombie fridge.  You know, it looked dead, then it wasn't, but it still kindof acted dead... Perhaps it's protesting my children acquiring the dry-erase markers and defacing it horribly.

Hubby gets to go away for a week, more training and touring the (a?) manufacturing site.  They fly this time, and while I'm glad he's getting to do this, I start thinking about bedtimes and bathtimes and other complicated moments in the course of our day.  I'll just remember that he's (hopefully) getting paid at least regular working hours...

The chickens are laying eggs regularly now.  Almost enough to sell and buy milk occasionally, as the black-market cow is also back in production.  Oh!  And she had a heifer this time, which, I believe, means my neighbor can sell her back to the dairy for the same price she originally paid for the mama (a registered jersey, but lost one teat in a tragic stomping incident)!  That's a great deal!

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