Monday, March 08, 2010

Baby Quilt

No, not for our Baby.  *sigh*  I just haven't gotten around to that yet!  I need a deadline, a reason to devote time to it.

Our cousin, the one who had Baby #4 exactly 8 years from Baby #3 (I think that's so cool), had a baby shower a couple weeks earlier.  The day before the shower, I figured I better think up something quick.  They'd been given a TON of used-but-nice clothes, and I didn't have the time or money (Hubby wasn't working but 10 hours/week) to go shopping, so I brainstormed and dug through the sewing room.  I snag this fine quilter's cotton (normally $15/yd or so!) when it hits the clearance section... and then goes 50% off that.  Usually I pay about $2.50/yd, which is my max for yardage price.

I managed to get it almost entirely done.. and then reached for the blanket binding I'd picked out of the box to match... and discovered it wasn't double-fold bias binding at all, but single-fold!  That would NOT work!  But I couldn't run to town, then back, finish, then run back to town again for the shower, so I bagged it with unfinished edges, and planned to "show" it to her, then pick up binding and complete it by the next day.  This I did, and it worked out nicely.

I didn't measure or follow much of a plan.  My top ended up wider than the back, so I improvised.  I think I like it better this way anyhow.

I am also hopelessly addicted to the darling little color dots in the selvedge.

I attached the binding in leaves-stitch, but added a few surprise elements here and there.

Now, someone threaten me so I can make one for (our) Baby!

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MamaJ said...

Well, now I don't feel so bad. Baby Girl's quilt is still in it's box, squares waiting to be pieced together... My mom even started one for her and finished it before I finished mine. Maybe by her 2nd birthday I will finish it!

I think the quilt is adorable!