Saturday, March 06, 2010

Naughty Me

I can't believe it's been TWO weeks since I posted here.  That is a new low, I guess.  I'm so sorry.

In my defense, the first week I was without a husband.  He went far, far away for some work training, and I stayed home with the four girls.  And by "stayed home" I mean exactly that.  I didn't even manage to get to the mailbox up the driveway but once (but at least I got two days' worth of mail).  The UPS guy did bring our zombie-fridge part, and *I fixed our fridge* without Hubby's help at all.  It works now, and I'm so glad we didn't have to buy a new fridge.

The same night Hubby returned, our cousin had baby #4, and we went to baby #3's birthday party the next day (she is 8, so there's quite a gap there!), and took some chili, cornbread, manicotti, banana bread, and pumpkin muffins over to help feed them (why is it so much easier to prepare for someone ELSE'S birth that way?).  A couple other gals and myself cleaned their house that day too.  Their baby girl spent about 3 days in the NICU for aspirating something she shouldn't have, so Daddy was blessed to not have to worry about housekeeping.  Baby is doing fine now, and shares her big sister's birthday, and even shares Organique's middle name!

Then my sister-in-law's little girl (the one born a day before our Baby) had her 3rd (I think?) ER visit in a month, and ended up hospitalized for a few days with pneumonia and RSV.  She's at home now, and doing better.  I'm sorry I didn't have a freezer-stash of meals for them (well, we helped them move 2 weeks ago, and I did give them a meal or two).  This didn't take my time (we haven't gone over there through this), but it's been heavy on my heart.

Organique has also kept us on our toes. Lately she has:

  • Twice poured out my B vitamins, including twisting apart several capsules and leaving scattered piles of bright orange powder in my bedroom. [I know, fool me once and all that.]
  • Emptied out a bottle of sambucol (anti-viral syrup) and one of echinacea extract.
  • Onto the stove, counter, floor and pages of a cookbook.
  • Found, tore open, and emptied several tea bags.
  • Used scissors to give herself a mullet.
  • Flooded the upstairs bathroom to the point where the hall carpet (fairly distant from the toilet!) was soaking water.  We now know that "too-it!" means "toilet."
  • Helped herself to the big jug of organic shampoo... that has a pump dispenser.  This was after bathing, drying, night-diaper, pajamas..  All of which needed re-done!
  • Ditto minty conditioner, different day.
So it's not like I've been completely idle...

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