Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Not The Shot

This is not the shot that would've made you laugh.

It's not the one my dad intended, when he grabbed a large rock, and gestured to my hubby to do the same.

It's not what he hoped I'd capture, after they both pelted their rocks in the direction of this guy.

I couldn't get that shot, see.  Yes, it would've been funny to see the water splashing toward this longtime family-friend (and sometime family-foe [hehe] ), and maybe have the silhouette of him flailing about in an attempt to stay dry.

But my brother had just called me.  And because I couldn't keep Baby safe while operating my camera while talking on the phone, I prioritized and handed the phone off.

To this guy.

All I could think, as Dad was implementing his dastardly ploy (and I realized what he was actually doing), was, "That's my phone!!"  Not that such information would've made him pause much, if at all.

This photo was taken post-prank, and you can see my phone is thankfully safe and sound.

Oh, yeah, and that guy is too.  ;)

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