Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Um... Wow.

A week or two ago, some blogs I read posted about managing their large families (of which I am not), and the theme was bedrooms, or kid's rooms, or something along those lines.  They use some kind of internet magic that lets other bloggers add a link showcasing their similar blogpost.  While I'm never together enough to plan these out, I was excited as I'd recently posted on my girls' new 3-bunk-closet.   It wasn't a complete room-exposé, but displayed their sleeping quarters at least.

It was fun to get some extra comments on that post, brought, no doubt, from the link I left at the blog(s).

[In case you're interested, here is a link to their blog carnival on large families:  Four Moms, 35 Kids.  At least, it'll get you started. :) ]

Then I got my oft-ignored weekly email that tells me how many (and almost who) visitors I had.  I almost really never check it.  But I eyed the summary and fell out of my chair, when my daily average had gone from the usual 12-16 to a hefty 74.  Seventy four!?!  I had something else to do, and didn't have time to double-check that, and make sure it wasn't a glitch or mistake (yes, I know, that's not worth beans in the blog-world.  But this is my world, and that's pretty amazing).  I really couldn't believe that had happened, or how.

Last week a friend was visiting, and the subject came up, and I was about to tell her this information but I checked myself, thinking I MUST have misread, or even dreamed it (I had to double-check with a cousin to see if she had lately told me another cousin had been a Navy SEAL.  She had not.  He had not.  No wonder I hadn't heard about it before.  I had only dreamed it.).  I checked the email again, and sure enough, that's what it said.  I was still fairly sure it was a mistake.  Later, when I had a moment, I decided to click through and see where the traffic was coming from..  Maybe I had been outed locally and someone was building a case against me for something, and was gathering evidence. :)  But no, the hits were from all around the nation, even places in Europe and Australia/New Zealand (and my friend has moved away from NZ to England, last year.  Again.  So it wasn't her.).  I found a bar graph that showed a sudden jump, and it finally dawned upon me that my little link at the blog carnival must have garnered a considerable chunk of traffic!  Mystery solved.

Today I checked, and while it's not half that earlier average, it's still much more than it used to be.  So I come to the point of all this rambling...

Be welcome here.  And thank you.

I do hope you'll leave a comment or two anywhere you like, or email me at [my name]@ hotmail dot com.  I hope to get to know some of you!!!


Michelle said...

I just discovered your blog today, and so far, I'm lovin' it! How do you get an e-mail telling you about your visitors? That would be awesome!

EllaJac said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for your visit! To get 'sitemeter' look down at the bottom of the left column. There is a little green link, and I *think* you can sign up from there. It's free (there are other versions that cost, and do more), but I did it so long ago I don't remember the other details. :)

I love your profile photo!

Michelle said...

I'll see what I can find. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks! I LOVE mint, and this is what was growing right outside my front door. :-)