Sunday, June 15, 2008

Body Count

Does that sound dire?

Current (critter) bodies on the place:


Cats: 2 (down from 8)

Dogs: 1

Ducks: 1


Hens: 6

Chicks: 50-ish

Turkey Poults: 6

Guinea Keets: 10

Goslings: 0... yes, Gus didn't make it.

He started acting funny the other day. Standing wobbly, and couldn't walk well. He would fall backwards sometimes. He stopped eating much, and this morning he was laid out on his back and flopping to try to get up. Hubby put him down and buried him. I am sad. I am sad he died while he was still cute, I am sad I don't get to eat goose for Christmas dinner, I am sad he didn't live a good long(ish) life.

G'bye, Gus.

1 comment:

annie said...

Oh poor Gus! So sad. So cute. This is terrible news.