Friday, June 06, 2008


Free to good any home:

We ship USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

Just kidding. Our cat had kittens! We're hoping her brother isn't the father, because that would be just... terrible, but they sure are cute. She (and her brother) has a siamese look/pattern, but these kittens don't. Which gives me hope. I love that girl above; her nose is half brown. Some of the others are like that too.

There are six: All have stripes, even the black one. Two are gray and white (one lighter gray than the other) and three are the brownish-stripe you see here. Each of them is unique, though, because one is all brown-striped (above photo, far right, shaking his head and looking freaky), one has white toe-tips (above photo, far left), and one has mostly white toes, but a few brown toes, randomly. I would like to take a closer picture, but I haven't. The bottom pads of her feet are brown, not pink like the other white-footed ones.

I thought we'd lost the kittens, because after giving the girls the go-ahead to begin touching them, they disappeared. I assumed Chrissy had moved them, but eventually she was around too much for me to be comfortable. I figured if she was still nursing them, she'd not be underfoot all the time.

But then the girls found them, quite grown, under a pallet of wood pellets. After a day of mishandling them, they moved again, under the porch. Now they're old enough that Chrissy couldn't keep them in one place if she wanted.

But they eat a lot, so we will be saying goodbye, soon, I hope. Two are spoken for.

Including this one, shockingly:



Jenny said...

Ah, cute. Too bad I LOVE kittens and HATE cats!

annie said...

Oh my goodness, what precious kittens! I have been reading your blog a bit because I love how you are so self sufficient and eat so much clean food, etc. However, from your description of the weather in your entries, I doubt you live near me. We've been wanting a little girl kitten. We have a 2 year old male cat (neutered), but want him to have a friend, and I've read that he'd most readily accept a young female cat.

I hope you can find good homes for all of them!

annie said...

hey! another annie! :)

actually, i love the one with the blue eyes. it's slightly wacky but so pretty!

i love cats. i wish you could mail me one. i don't think they'd like that very much.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my, those kittens are precious! I want to play with them all. :)