Thursday, March 12, 2009

Found It

I just took a brief, rare walk outdoors and scattered some grain to the chickens, with Organique in one arm helping toss the corn.  It's barely 40 degrees, but direct sunlight makes all the difference in the world.

As I walked along the edge of the grass, near what was once a wood pile (is currently where we grow thistles and toss the 'chicken bucket'), I happened to notice within the chicken-scratchings something dull and silvery.  I looked again and was thrilled to find my favorite vegetable peeler!  Which, no doubt, took the outdoor journey with carrot or potato peelings many, many months ago.  Perhaps a year or more.

I haven't tried it out, so I don't know if it's sabbatical did any damage to it or not, but I'm very excited.  Perhaps I'll make mashed potatoes tonight.

You can't buy this one.  I've tried; twice.  The 'new' versions take about a quarter inch of 'good stuff' along with the peel, and that irks me to no end.  I don't mind them if I'm working with a particularly huge and warty tater or something, but generally speaking I'd like to have some carrot left after peeling it.  Too, I peel forwards, which makes my mom as crazy as her backwards-version makes me (at least I'm excused from peeling potatoes while visiting).  Which, in fact, is how I acquired this great peeler; I grew up using it and she never cared for it, so I nabbed it a few years back.  In the interim, I was forced to steal from the motor home a very antique version, which, while not very sharp or forward-friendly, was at least better than the obnoxious new kind.

Should I attach it to a retractable cable in it's drawer, so this doesn't happen again?  I really don't know if I could bear it.


MamaJ said...

How about a magnet on the handle? I peel forwards too! Didn't realize there was another way!

annie said...

i don't know what peel forwards means. i peel that forward? it seems like it would be. i'm too paranoid of slicing a finger or jabbing the peeler into my chest to peel up. but, also, i can't peel in a circle like on an apple or potato. so it's always down for me. weird how there's a difference in peeling technique.

i don't particularly like my peeler. it's a kitchen aid brand from target i got at a bridal shower. how lucky you found yours! :)