Friday, March 06, 2009

Seed Order

I just ordered this year's seeds.  I probably ordered too many, especially considering my abbreviated plans for gardening this year, but seeds last longer than their stamps claim. :)  This, my only order, is from Territorial Seed.

Here it is, in all it's.. um... non-glory:

Qty Item # Description Price
1 LT452/P 30 Year Celebration Lettuce Blend - 3 grams 
I'm certainly overboard on the lettuce (which I NEVER
plant, up til now), but this looked so great.
1 HR1054/L Basil-Sweet
Conventional & Organic - 1/2 gram Organic
Always wanted to grow basil.  And I *have* tried.  But
that was a long time ago...
1 HR1127/S Coriander-Santo (Cilantro)
Conventional & Organic - 1 gram
Another herb I occasionally REALLY wish I had.  Time
to plan for fresh salsa
1 LT439/L Mascara Lettuce
Organic - 1/2 gram Organic
I love the oak-leaf shape of this. 
1 CR280/S Purple Haze Carrots - 1 gram
The girls loved these when we grew them.  Tasted good
and were fun in potluck-salads
1 ON556/S Red Beard Onion - 1 gram
This was another pretty-it-up item in a dish.
1 LT382/L Revolution Lettuce
Organic - 1/2 gram Organic
Another pretty lettuce, slow to bolt.
1 XP718/A Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes
Organic - Shipped in April 1 lb
I wanted these last year, and when I got around to order-
ing, every potato outlet was out of everything
1 CN217/S Serendipity Corn - 1 oz
Hubby's request.  Oughta be interesting in a square-foot 
garden, no?
1 LT390/S Slobolt Lettuce - 1 gram
The name says it all.  I hope I'll be in the mood for salad..
1 PU716/S Small Sugar Pumpkin
Conventional & Organic - 3 grams
Gotta have a pumpkin, right?
1 FL3256/S Strawflower-Tall Choice Double Mix - 1/2 gram
I encountered these as a child, and always wanted to grow
some myself.
1 LT402/S Valmaine Lettuce
Conventional & Pelleted - 1 gram
Another heat-tolerant variety.
1 FL3411/S Viola-Johnny Jump Up - 1/4 gram
Gramps had this in his lawn, and hated it as weeds.  Later,
he planted cactii all about the lawn... go figure.
1 CR278/S White Satin Carrots - 1 gram
These look fascinating.
1 CR283/S Yaya Carrots - 1 gram
These look normal, but should fit in a regular square-foot 

Of course, I'll be doing tomatoes and peppers and perhaps some squash/cucumber/etc, but I don't want to start things from seeds this year (well, I kinda want to, but I won't), so I'll just buy those at the local greenhouse when planting time is nigh.  We've bought the lumber for two 4'x8' boxes - one 12" deep for the 'taters and carrots -- and yes, two large plywood pieces to make floors so the Evil Weed won't have access.  Just how far will I go to have a garden without it?  I guess we'll find out.


Rachel said...

Exciting! Looks like you're going to have some interesting produce. And a TON of lettuce!! That was me last year... this year I am only growing my favorite, Romaine lettuce, because last year was ridiculous.

Sweet Basil is definitely the herb we use the most. We ended up buying a plant last year, but we're trying starting them from seeds again this year.

We had Johnny Jump Ups in our yard growing up! I love those things!

MamaJ said...

Abbreviated pregnancy gardening??? That list wore me out just reading it! Sheesh, I was getting excited about my little tomatoes and peppers this year. ;-) I'll just have to read about your gardening successes
(mutants...) and dream!