Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Feelin' It!

Woo-Hoo!  I am very excited.

Just now, as I deal with local government abuses (what else do I do for quiet computer time? :)), I am feeling my baby move, for the first time.

I was getting worried.  I had a prenatal appointment yesterday, and again had to answer my midwife that I hadn't really felt any certain movements.  I am 18 weeks along, and apparently it's normal to feel something around 15 weeks.  You'd think by Round Four I'd have some of this figured out, but apparently not.

I've come up with two possible excuses reasons:  First, Round Four suffers from the, ahem, added insulation that came with Rounds One, Two, and Three.  My nerve endings are closer to the surface - the FAR side of that insulation from where Round Four currently resides.  Therefore, since I'm fat well-insulated, 'feeling' is somewhat diminished.

Secondly, I find that I'm noticing now (aside from little movements!) that Organique is having nap time (well, so far it's been "undress-yourself-and-remove-your-diaper-repeatedly" time, but I think a backwards button-up shirt and backwards diaper have curtailed that.. I hope), and her sisters are outdoors hunting eggs and enjoying the sunshine.  As long as it's sunny and not windy, they don't mind (apparently) that it's 33 degrees out.  So... no kids running around nearby, no one to shush, no bickering to referee.  And Hubby tore apart the little clock radio that I used to use in here to listen to the radio (Big Sister made a 'robot' from it), so it's really quite... quiet.  I'm seated at the computer - not sweeping or mopping or vacuuming or bustling around the kitchen or switching laundry or cleaning toilets (yet), so *I* am fairly quiet too.  Maybe that's the trick. 

Quiet.  Still.  Hear the Littlest Messages.

Thank You, Lord.


MamaJ said...

Aw, I love it when that happens! What an awesome feeling!

Rachel said...

Yay! I'm glad everything is OK :)

...I just found out Tuesday that I've got a little one on the way too :)

annie said...

yay! i love those little fluttery feelings! i didn't feel my first until i was somewhere around 20 weeks (christmas eve service and very sweet!) but this one i felt waaay early, around four weeks. i love the feeling. :) sweet reminder of the life you're carrying (rather than the less-than-sweet heartburn, etc.). secret little messages just for you.