Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Apparently It CAN Be Done

As of yesterday, my Granny was great-grandma to SEVEN great-granddaughters. My 3, my brother's 1, 2 cousins each had one... until one of them had their second girl this past weekend. No boys in the bunch (although one of the cousins had had a stillborn boy some years back).

The other cousin (who'd had the stillbirth) had her baby early this morning, and IT'S A BOY!

I'm somewhat amazed, myself. I wasn't sure it would happen. :) Now, there are still no boys with the same last name as Granny (she had 2 sons, 2 grandsons, but so far they have girls), but at least there's a Y chromosome in the lineup now!

His name is Liam Daniel.

His parents aren't believers, in any sense, but I praise God for his safe arrival, and pray that God might draw them all to His heart in time.


Benny said...

It seems the opposite in our family. On my husband's side (I'm an only child, so it's just me for my family) up until my Girly Pie was born they had four grandsons and one granddaughter. Then in 2008 three of us were pregnant and we had our first girl (such a surprise!) but the other two had two more boys. So now they do have two grand daughters - but 6 grandsons. So the numbers are most definitely not evening up any time soon. ;o)


Benny said...

Oh, and congratulations, by the way. What a blessing. I do hope the privelege of parenting so precious a gift straight from God will turn their eyes towards Him.