Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where Do I Start?

***Update below***

Cindy alerted me that the Congress is trying to destroy America.

Well, no, I already knew that.

Specifically she alerted me to HR 2749 that is being voted upon about now, and while I can't confirm that for sure, it is on the roster to be voted upon in the House, possibly this moment.

I blogged before about this, or a similar food safety bill, that purports to "save us" from all potential threats in our food supply, but in reality is special-interest mega-corporations using the laws (by the way, isn't that called fascism??) to slam down the little guy, the market farmer, the home poultry producer and gardener, for heaven's sake.

Natural News has some good information on it.

Do what you can, what you will. Call your congressmen (Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121). Find out what they are doing did or plan to do. Expect lies, expect rude aides, expect to vote them all out of office as soon as possible. Wow, expect mealy-mouthed capitol switchboard people, after you let it ring 4 dozen times.

***Aw crap (I say that a lot, huh?) They already voted on it. The aide didn't know how my congressman voted, but took my mailing address so they could send me whatever form letter would be appropriate.

Have we had enough? Have YOU had enough?

I'll post again shortly.

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