Monday, July 06, 2009

Crib Problem Solved

For a couple weeks I've been watching the local craigslist for a crib. There really wasn't much, but I checked every day or two.

Last Wednesday there were two postings, and when I went into town Thursday I called each of them. I made arrangements to view one of them, and left a message with the other. The one I viewed was... not what we liked. I mean, it was in great shape, and even had an attached 3-drawer dresser topped with a diaper changing area.


It was the same brand/manufacturer as our Death Trap crib, and though it had all it's bolts and screws and casters, I recognized those recalled drop-side latches. And shook my head at the poor gal's timing - just that morning the radio was talking about the same cribs... The "safe" latches, the ones that weren't recalled, have been proven "unsafe" now, and ARE recalled. I didn't mention this to the gal, but took down the model #s to get more information.

Before leaving town, the other guy called me back, gave me his location, and I drove to a very academic preschool center that actually had THREE Cosco white steel barely-used cribs for $65 ea. Apparently they'd briefly offered baby/newborn daycare, but couldn't handle the way parents would just leave their babies so long. The cribs have sat unused since then. I liked what I saw, so I bought one after calling Hubby.

We (well, Hubby) set it up that night and we caged in Organique again. I've really enjoyed not having to police the bedroom at naptime until she falls asleep! She didn't like it at first, but has settled into it very well.

And I like it. It's clean, sturdy, well-made, and I'm thrilled to have it. And far from longing for "new" things (I suppose that would be more typical for a first-time mom, not fourth-time!), I'm happy to buy used so there is a track record for it's use. I can research the statistics and recalls for an item, and be more-or-less secure that we aren't the guinea pig population.

God is good!

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