Thursday, April 22, 2010

$1500 Rock Collection

Sounds a bit spendy, huh?

Especially for cheapskates like us.  But we did it.  We figure the benefits are worth it, and the girls have certainly put it to good use, sifting through and finding treasures of all kinds.  They sort similar ones into groups, rank individual rocks according to their "pretty" factor, put them in pockets, shoes, nooks and crannies. At such an investment, I'm trying not to vacuum any up, though I've had to remove a few from the Baby's mouth.

Would you like to see some of them?  An example of what has grabbed the attention and held the fascination of our kids all week?

Ok, but first, I should admit that while Hubby and I don't spend as much time handling and playing with the rocks, we do have a fairly high enjoyment factor associated with the collection:

Now my bladder begs the question, "Why didn't you do this last year when you were pregnant??!?"

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