Monday, April 19, 2010


Have you been planning your garden yet?  Ha ha ha..

I must be the slowest wanna-be "gardener" on the planet this year.  I've "planned" a bit.  And finally, mid-April, got around to ordering my seeds.

I went with Territorial again this year, and am happy with them.  I was a little worried that my late ordering might find them out of seeds, but everything came!  They upped their shipping a bit, to $7.50 per order, and since I really only needed about 4 packets of seeds, that was tripping me up.  I got a friend to go in with me on the ordering, so we split the shipping and it was more reasonable.  We also ordered up a size for two packages of carrots, and split the cost of that as well.

What did I get?  I really went all out.

I bought my favorite Purple Haze Carrots.
Also some Parano Carrots, which are new and I haven't tried.
Some Kentucky Blue Pole Beans.
And some weird Red Noodle Beans - which are red, and stay that way even when cooked, and are around 18 inches in length - the bean, not the plant.

Yep, carrots and beans, that's it.  I plan to put the carrots in my deep Square Foot Box, and maybe make a teepee style bean hut for the girls to play in.  Plus beans elsewhere, I suppose.

There is more I'd like to start from seed, but the way Organique is these days, there's NO WAY I'm doing that indoors.  So the hybrids from the greenhouse will have to do.

What about you?  Do you have some garden plans?  Have you ordered/bought seeds?

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Rachel Le said...

I bought all my seeds and sets last week and hoed a few rows but haven't planted anything yet! Hoping that will be tomorrow's project. I'm a lousy wanna-be gardener... we'll see if I can grow anything besides weeds this year. Incentive: free baby food!