Thursday, April 16, 2009

Artist Improvement

Li'l Artist continues on in her endeavors to draw, color, paint, or otherwise fill up empty spaces in our home.

My favorite improvement so far has been the tendency to use paper, as opposed to walls or furniture.

She had 'saved' about 6 or 7 dollars from her commissions and some gift money, and we made a trip to a fantastic toy store.

Sadly, most of the prices were above her range (and oh, she was so close to that new My Little Pony!), but we finally found something that was right up her alley.  It was like a color book, only with larger pages and on better paper.  And they were landscape-oriented as opposed to portrait.  It was right up *my* alley because it wasn't a Disney Princess theme, or Hannah Montana or any other of a dozen 'licensed' characters.  But it was definitely girly.  From pictures of ballet equipment to little kittens, beautiful flowers and horses and mermaids (not Ariel!), it was just perfect.  She ended up tearing out several pages to 'give' to her sister and I to color, and I chose the strawberries.  I didn't get very far, however (they wonder why I don't color, and ask me this when I'm burning a pancake, answering the phone, dealing with a crying baby, and spilling batter all over the kitchen...?), and she eventually took it upon herself to work further on it.  The fact that we're entirely out of crayons (or have misplaced the rest) didn't faze her.

I think her staying within the lines has definitely improved, along with her patience at the project (but not when I interrupt her projects... ).  I can't believe she'll be five soon!

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sariah said...

I bet your glad Little Artist is finding paper a satisfactory art medium now......just in time for Organique to discover her inner artist. :-)