Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It's continued to be interesting around here. Gi-gi remains, and so far I've done very well not to turn off the mellow university DJ playing classical music all day, OR (and I should get even more credit for this) her "they always give both sides" NPR. Not only do I not usually turn it off, I don't turn on Rush Limbaugh extra loudly like other members of this family. And it is not my fault if Gi-gi hollers to said member that she'd "rather eat dirt!" than listen to him. But at least Hubby was inspired to OFFER to take our eldest for a trip to the store after hearing her ask Gi-gi why she doesn't like the man on the radio. Well, his offer was after Gi-gi replied, "Because he's a liar and a bigot!" I think that's the "both sides" available on NPR...

I don't know if the Radio Station Battle has anything to do with it, but Gi-gi is actually not doing so well. She nicked her forearm the other day - her top layer of skin tears easily and this happens frequently - she washed it with soap and water and put a band-aid on it, but it didn't get better. It got infected, and there is a patch at least 4 inches in length of red, swollen skin around the area. We've treated it with antibiotic ointment, and at the recommendation of my midwife, a poultice of plantain, but she's still not doing well. She's felt crummy, run-down, and has even had diarrhea, all since yesterday afternoon when it really came upon her. This is VERY unusual for Gi-gi. She had the Korean flu in 1950-something, and another bout of sickness in 2004ish, but she just doesn't do this. She's opposed to taking antibiotics or seeing doctors unless absolutely necessary, but in my mind we're pushing that line here. Lord knows if she falls unconscious, and I call an ambulance and she's hospitalized, that she'll never forgive me. She'll haunt me all my days, she's promised. :)

Also, my midwife recommended a hearing screening test for Baby. This is usually done at the hospital, but... So I called the little state hotline, who gave me a number for another outfit, who put me in touch with the speech/hearing pathologist. I couldn't remember whether I was dealing with the Health Department or the Department of Health and Welfare. As a backwoodsy, red-state, homeschooling-freak-of-nature that I am, you can be sure the latter would make me a bit nervous. I decided that it must've been the health department, because this wasn't about food stamps or medicaid or anything like that. In any case, the lady called me back yesterday and made an appointment for the test here at my home today at 2. My breath caught a little in my throat when I saw her nametag sporting the "State Department of Health and Welfare." I decided to be charming and engaging, and to say as little as possible about anything at all.

Which is when Gi-gi walked through and made reference to the sleeping toddler upstairs. Then, blind to both her nametag and my angst at having one of Them within My Home, went on to comment about how busy that 2-year-old is, and how she (Gi-gi) recommends we put her in a playpen with a net over it. Yes, she said this to that lady! And that I refused her recommendation because someone would 'turn me in and I'd be arrested' if I did that. And, it would be wrong! And hurtful! And wrong! I wanted to point out. *sigh* I'm sure the lady was red-flagging our file.

She did the screening test on Baby, who passed. Big Sister was close by, and wanted to hear the "echo" she had described when explaining how the test worked. The lady obliged, and did the test for Big Sister... Who, were she newborn or 2 years old, as most of their 'clients' are, would be referred to an audiologist. *sigh* She tells me (this is only a screening, by the way, not an official test) Big Sister isn't hearing all the tones in her left ear. I was hoping to visit a chiropractor soon, to straighten me out after having this baby, but after the doctor visit, the lab test, and the newborn doc visit, I was going to have to put that off. Now an Ear, Nose, Throat doc? We won't discuss how long it's been since the dentist referred us to an orthodontist...

She asked if we had insurance, and I said no. She said she didn't know what the pricetag was for such a visit, as most of their referrals are on Medicaid anyway. Of course; if someone else is paying, why care what it costs??? Argh.

THEN she asked Big Sister's age, and if she'd had this screening yet in school.


"I'm homeschooled," she declared. "All my schoolbooks are in there," she gestured toward the dining room.

I think she upgraded our file from red-flag to... I'm not sure what. A flashing beacon?

And why hasn't HSLDA sent me my new membership cards??

"Oh..." the lady said. "Yeah, they usually test for that much earlier..."

Little Artist made an appearance shortly thereafter and the lady asked her age as well. I was not liking this, though not because of anything suspicious on the lady's part. It's all me and my "don't tread on me" paradigm. I liked being under the radar, darnit! And here, in the space of a few minutes, The State now knows a). who we are, b). where we are c). that we homeschool (without benefit of hearing screenings!) and d). that we don't have babies where they do hearing screenings (i.e. the hospital) e). that we have four daughters, and their ages, and f). that my grandma advocates unapproved (disapproved!) "child restraint systems!" Ack!

Am I not supposed to still "be resting?" I don't rest well when there is an under-the-weather liberal hanging around who may or may not be up to leaving at the appointed time, and I CERTAINLY don't rest well when an Agent of The State is under my roof finding out my business.

We're off to find Gi-gi some Immodium and Colloidal Silver.

And the next newborn hearing screening is taking place on the porch.


MamaJ said...

HA!! How incredibly miserable! That would have been such a stressful visit! I wouldn't worry too much about the hearing tests, they have a wide margin of error. Big Sister could have had a little fluid build-up, or just not have raised her hand every time. XMan failed his purposely one time!!! (Not that she did that, just letting you know how mortified I was when he did that!)
I wish you could call for backup with the whole recovery effort! Praying for your recovery and Gi-gi's too....

Anissa said...

Ohmygoodness! Sorry you were "outed" by the state, that stinks. I hope that Big Sister can get her ear straightened out soon. Maybe a visit to the chiropractor for her too? I've heard they can help with hearing issues.