Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why We Try

I came across a speech given by Sally Fallon (author of my favorite cookbook, Nourishing Traditions), and it was a great reminder of why I try to keep certain foods close, and others far.  Sometimes the 'weirdness' gets to me, and I forget why I go to all the extra trouble to *be* weird, when so many are happily being 'normal.'  I think the weirdness gets to others too, when they realize it's no accident that I don't cook with teflon or aluminum or crisco or canola or soy or msg or low-fat dairy or aspartame or splenda.  And that's just some of what we don't do.  Toss in the things we *do* do, like raw milk or fermented vegetables or kombucha or kefir*** or grass-fed beef, and we make no sense at all!

So... Why?  My brother likes to give me a hard time about such things, and I usually answer, "because it'll KILL you!"  And he laughs and tells me how fine he feels as he munches his Cheetos and chugs his RockStar.

And then I tell him I'm not changing his diaper in 40 years.  hehe.

Because while some people measure health in a day-to-day basis, I try to look at the longer trend.  I really don't think Processed Whatever is going to put me in the hospital tomorrow.  Obviously.  While that *does* happen to some people, the possibilities are slim.  Truly, I'm far more concerned about the progressive effects down the road.  [Note in particular the rat experiments and the dry milk information.] And as the speech points out, sometimes the effects only noticeably show up generations from now.

This paragraph sums up "why try" for me:

We know from animal studies that if you continue a deficient diet for three generations, reproduction ceases and that's what we're seeing now. About 25% of our couples are infertile, and if we don't go back to a diet that produces good facial structure and good health, the human race will simply die out.

Now, I'm not quite that dire.  I serve a living God, you know!  And yet, I also know that He is not mocked; we WILL reap what we sow.  And like so many other areas of life, when convenience, comfort, immediate satisfaction and sloth trump the important things, we sow tares, or weeds.  Things that choke out the Life, the fruit, the increase.

Lord, help me to remember that I don't eat (or abstain) as an end unto itself.  You have numbered my days, and careful choices will not make this life last forever!  Rather, I want to steward my resources to be best equipped to accomplish what you have called me to, and all the better if my sacrifice helps my children and grandchildren do the same.


Below are some blogs and sites that I've found helpful and encouraging in my efforts.  Some are "farther along" the journey than we are, some have different ideas, even things I *disagree* with, but I've found good elements in each!  Recipes, ideas, organizing a 'weird' kitchen, natural/safe cleaning...  You'll find that and more!  If you know of other sites, please list them in the comments!

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(Thanks Donielle!)

***I don't usually manage all of these all at the same time yet, I'm just giving examples. :)


Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up said...

Thanks for the link! It's always fun to find other who are "weird" like I am! :-)

Other sites? hehe, I've got a lot! (quite a few blogs {and soon mine} contribute to this site)

Kate said...

I mentioned yesterday how I try to be careful because dementia and parkinson's and heart disease and high blood pressure and artery disease runs in my family. My husband's friend told me that I'm too young to worry about that. (I'm 29). I responded that I'll be old before I know it. I should have said that what we do in our lives now can vastly affect our well-being later.

His daughters eat terribly! But they're young and naturally thin and think nothing of it. My MIL has a liver disorder yet insists on eating fat-free processed foods and aspartame despite my finding information on how they are doing her sick liver no favors.

I've noticed that most of the generation a decade or more older than myself are so indoctrinated with the harmful nutrition information and the idea that processed foods are somehow ok for you that it is hard to get beyond that. I'm pretty good at driving people crazy about the damage these foods do. :)

EllaJac said...

Kate, it's hard to imagine there are people who just AREN'T INTERESTED in living better/healthier/whatever. But many people really just aren't. They're happy (enough, apparently) to stay like they are. I frequently find relevant information to some condition my family has, and sometimes I point them to it (send an email with a link to an article or something). Beyond that, I can't (and shouldn't) do much!

I actually wrote this post, because, like my brother, people seem to think I'm worried about an immediate reaction to something harmful, when truly that is far from my mind. It's the cumulative effects, even the generational effects that are looming in my thoughts.

But yes! At 29, DO think on these things! Be open to new information, even if it differs with what you are currently convinced of. You can make a difference in your own family, even if your extended family cant' quite get there yet. :)