Thursday, June 10, 2010

Egg-citing Times

We're getting there.  We've had the strangest weather; cool, wet, windy, stormy.  It's almost as though spring (the crummy side of its personality) refuses to give way.  Usually we enjoy several warm "summery" days in May - most of them, even, but not so this year.  We've had a scant handful of decent days, weather-wise.

The good side of this is that I can blame my late-as-always gardening on the strange conditions.  The bad side is, well, we're still waiting to get going on summertime.

A light brahma hen in the coop.

We have had egg issues lately.  Some probably stemming from our being out of town for four days (they missed us!), the several dark, cloudy days might've contributed to a slow-down in egg production, and Organique sneaking out to the henhouse many days running certainly affected what we brought into the kitchen.  (No, the ornery hen did NOT toss every egg about the place all by herself.)

We're finally swinging back into things after locking the chickens in (and Organique out) for half a day.  Hubby also found about 18 eggs in a nest - they were not being set upon, and they were still fairly fresh, so they were not lost.  Of course, all this happened the day after I made my last run to town, and couldn't share these with a dear friend who buys from us.  I felt so bad about the broken eggs, and not having any to take her that I put five (all I had!) into an egg carton and delivered them to her at no charge.  Just in case she had some baking to do, you know?  :)  Going back to weak, white eggs with pale yolks would probably be extreme torture to their family at this point!  It would be for me...

This is Big Ed.  He does not lay eggs.  But since I couldn't find my favorite egg photo... :)

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