Monday, July 12, 2010

Goings On 'Round Here

I lament the sporadic posting.  Can you tell it's been BUSY around here?  Just a little bit...

crooked horizon

I've been working towards getting our homeschool materials in order for the year.  A little.  It turns out that this takes more brainpower than I seem to be able to devote at any one time.  Eleven PM is good, when Baby finally (usually) is down, but by then I'm all but spent too, and hence the brainpower thing...

Baby has been off-and-on dealing with a fever.  It has helped her develop a not-so-nice habit of waking up at night.  Like, at 1:00 and 2:30, 3:45, 6:00 and 7:30.  Toss in Organique wetting her bed at 3:15 and my nights are nearly as busy as my days!  Of course, had I the forethought to have taken Organique from her bed to the potty at either 1:00 or 2:30 and I'd have earned myself an extra 1/2 hour of sleep that night!

Big Sister got something in her eye the other day that necessitated a trip to the Doc-in-the-Box (we found it at 5:05 pm, of course).  It wouldn't rinse out, and was lodged just in front of the iris of her eye (what is that, the cornea?).  As it turned out, he did not have the equipment to get it out of her eye safely, and surmised it might be just an abrasion.  Then he recommended I sit in the ER for several hours with four children who hadn't eaten dinner (and who had been removed from naps) until the doctors there could call the Eye Surgeon On Call.  My look of disbelief was quickly interpreted, and he agreed with me that waiting until the morning might get us in just as fast (and with considerably less trauma to the family proper).  Thinking on it later, there was no way he would have described what I saw as an abrasion.  There was some THING on the surface of her eye (his fluorescent drops revealed a definite spot, where I think it *had* been).  When the eye doctor called in the morning to give us a quick appointment, we decided to hold off, as the *thing* was gone, and her eye was better, if not fully healed.  At this point we're in the clear, I think, unless it's rolling around in her head and waiting for another moment to strike.

A dear friend loaned me some herbal stuff that is making a noticeable difference in the Baby, and another child who has always had trouble, ahem, pooping.  If you have a child with similar problems, check out Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formulae #3.

My folks visited the weekend of Independence Day.  They have planned several times to fly their small, old plane to our place (we live 1/2 mile from the airport!), and have always been derailed (de-winded?) by the weather one place or the other.  They planned to come Friday, and had to wait out a few hours on the ground in one place due to massive clouds.  They got in the air again and hit turbulence bad enough that my dad got sick all over the plane, and was pretty out of commission.  At least he could land the plane.  They called from the Middle of Nowhere to say they were staying a night in a hotel, and would see us Saturday.  They DID manage to get here that day, just missing the busiest morning in history at our little airport - local pilots got together to do a "fly over" for the parade in our town on Saturday.  Their kids had fun, but boy that boy!  He 'climbed' our little apple tree, breaking half of it off (we've taped it and hope it survives), gave Organique a row of bad scratches on her cheek (she's not used to real-live 'fighting' when she fights with her sisters!), but loved playing in our old car and chauffeuring the girls... He'd help them with their seat belts, stop when they 'ran out of gas,' fix the engine (which isn't even in the car).. SO cute.

I rearranged the living room 63 times before throwing up my hands and finding some graph paper.  Best plan, I swear.  I wish I'd done it a little earlier.  :]  It's workable now, and the traffic flows around the main seating area, and I'm determined to fold laundry elsewhere now.

Speaking of the laundry, I'm really bending the rules.  Our house is set up very oddly (to me, anyway) when it comes to laundry.  The front door opens and you peer down a long hallway to the kitchen (there are a set of stairs and the living room to the right).  Off the hallway, on the left, are a small half-bathroom, and the laundry room.  Which is about 5' deep, maybe 10 or 12 feet wide.  It holds the washer, dryer, furnace, and pantry shelving.  And the laundry ALWAYS spills into the hallway.  SO.  Since the hallway is effectively blocked half the time anyway, I bought a set of shelves (kindof like these, but taller and 5 shelves) and set them up right in the hallway.  I plan to put a curtain on the door/bathroom side of them, and annex the rear part of the hallway into an auxiliary laundry station.  Laundry can be brought down from upstairs, and the basket tucked right onto the shelves where I can access it from the laundry side.  I might even find room for a folding table (though right now the laundry goes on the clothesline, so it's folded elsewhere).  Of course, the Ultimate Plan involves remodeling the garage into a pantry/laundry/storage/closet, but that has to wait.  Until Hubby can build his motorcycles a shrine shop somewhere. :)

The squash seeds are growing into plants, and the squash bugs have moved in.  I have killed four, maybe five (that last one might've gotten away).  The chiles are putting on little miniature fruit, the tomatoes are setting the same, and I applied Nolo Bait the other day to help deal with the grasshopper overpopulation.

A (nother!) dear friend and her daughter are helping me with ideas to organize some things around here, and I might even post photos if I get around to it.  I was so excited the other night, after cleaning out the floor-level of the pantry shelves, that my big white buckets (of varying sizes) were stacking and fitting to within a half inch of the shelf above them.  You have no idea what joy that brought to me, knowing I was operating at maximum efficiency in the vertical axis, anyway. I almost posted to facebook, but then decided I need not publicly broadcast my freakishness.  At least not everyone knows of this blog.  ;)

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I understand the freakishness. Gush away with your accomplishments at any time!