Friday, September 10, 2010

Smokin' Hot

A few weeks ago we had some lightning storms that set off an extended light show, once the sun set.  This was taken from my back step, the same place I get some beautiful sunset shots occasionally.  The header is a recent one.  Forgive the crooked horizon.. it was really dark, and I didn't have a tripod to steady the camera for the long exposure, or to know which way was up.  A rusty clothesline T can only do so much...

The next morning we awoke to a surreal, dingy light coming through the windows, and from my upstairs window I couldn't even see the quarter-mile to the road.  I also couldn't breathe much.  The wind shifted it, eventually, and driving in to Town for church showed that some places were much clearer, though still affected.  It's nice to not be the only one showing up for services with ash in your hair...

A few days later we drove the other direction, and saw part of where the fire had burned (it was still burning, actually, elsewhere).

Suddenly you could see all the access roads and geographic details.

Just this side of the river are several farms, small acreages, even some fancy subdivisions and a town.  I bet it was interesting watching the fire from there!  Thankfully the fire did not cross the river.  BLM was on hand by the time it was this close that I don't think any infrastructure was even damaged, save possibly some power lines/poles.  As far as I know, no one was hurt nor homes lost.  That would've taken the disaster from "interesting" to "tragic," for sure.

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