Saturday, February 05, 2011

A New Wallet!

I love a new wallet.  Don't you?  Clean, crisp, perfect spots to put certain things.  I do love it when I know just the *right* place for something.  Probably because until and unless there is a *right* place, it just sits out in the way and clutters my life.  I don't know why...

But in any case.. I made myself this new wallet!

How long do you suppose it will remain white?

It's not terribly unlike the last wallet I made; the outside is one piece however, not 'quilted,' I used a magnetic clasp instead of resin snaps, it HAS A ZIPPER POCKET (a major reason for making this), and has an extra row of card-pockets.  The flap with the clasp is also slightly rounded instead of square-cornered.

See my milkmaid milking my cow?  Lovely!
 I was given a few scraps of this upholstery fabric from one of Gigi's friends, and fell in love with it.  Picturesque scenes of yesteryear farming;  women carrying a yoke, milking a cow, gathering sheaves, men stacking a wagon, children with sheep and dogs and chickens.  There wasn't much fabric, and only one piece with the milkmaid, which I determined would be made into something for myself.  I had a little heart-attack when Little Artist presented me with a Christmas present - a portion of this fabric folded and sewn into a 'bag' of sorts..  But thankfully the milkmaid was on a different scrap! :)

Lining and clasp.
 I love the lining fabric.  I'm not so certain it really 'goes' with the rustic outer print, but it's a fun difference I suppose.

The little red clip holds my check register usually.  Easy access to write transactions!
 The lower fabric is a fun print that reminds me of the 50's fabrics.  I made some beautiful makeup cases out of it at Christmas, though I didn't take a photo of them before giving them away!  There are a total of 8 credit-card pockets, which hold my debit card, costco card, driver's license, business cards, appointment reminder cards, etc.  My previous wallet lacked the little seams to the far left and right of these pockets, and as a result things were very loose in them.  I remedied that by tucking a few real-life cards in as I made it, and sewed so they'd fit snugly.  Behind these pockets is a deep, wide pocket that holds a book of checks.

Ooo, I still have a Barnes & Noble gift card!
The top (lower part of the above photo) has a wide pocket for receipts, a zippered pocket in front of that, and a pair of card-style pockets in front of that.  These are deeper than the credit-card pockets, and hide the contents completely.  The zippered pocket is for the money. I can't tell you HOW OFTEN my previous wallet would lose coins to the floor - the wide rear pocket was the best I could do for coins, and it didn't do well at all. :)  I love the zipper.  I also added a little loop of pretty elastic and it holds two pens superbly!  Why two? Well, why not? :] Previously my pen(s) lived in the pocket with the checks.

The cream and brown print is probably not the wisest choice for something as hauled-around and oft-used as a wallet, but I can wash it. Or make a new one someday. :)  I'm so pleased to be able to replace something without going out and spending money on something made in China (ok; I don't know really where the fabric, zipper, or clasp was made.  I might've done this anyway.), and glad to be able to 'customize' it to work for me!  Easier than shopping for just such! :)

I loosely followed this Quilted Wallet Tutorial.  I have no advice for the zipper (not part of that tutorial) except this:  Do NOT do it the way I did.  Not that I could *explain* the way I did it, but...


Joede F said...

I love your wallet. You should make and sell. I would definitely buy one. I am intimidated by complicated things like that!

EllaJac said...

Thanks Joede! I make a lot of things which people "would buy"... problem is, to get my time's worth, it probably would be too expensive! You never know though; I think about making an etsy shop sometimes. And then I think again. :)

Karolee said...

LOVE IT! You are so amazingly creative. :)

Fatima said...

Great idea! I was just thinking that my wallet had seen better days. I may just have to try making a replacement. I have some really pretty fabric just waiting for me to do something with it!

Danielle said...

Wow! You did an awesome job! I'm super impressed!!!!

Renae said...

Oh, I really like your new wallet! I have that toile fabric in my bedroom. I was too lazy to make it into a curtain and too cheap to buy a curtain rod, so I just tacked it on the window frame. (It's basically a screen underneath my bamboo shade.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading about your adventures and fight against perfectionism. I have the same struggle. ;)