Tuesday, September 06, 2011

School Photos

I've taken a few 'school pictures' for friends and family, but my own are much less formal...

For example, this brother and sister:

Isn't he cute??!?

And then, we have ours:

How does she manage to look so angelic and innocent?!? I'm glad she has curly hair; I've never had her hair cut, but SHE has cut it a dozen times or so. You mostly can't tell...

Nothing like starting school with a giant bandage on your hand. At least a) she doesn't write yet and b) she's not left-handed anyway.

"Oh, this is a good book!"


By the way, that Baby turned 2 a couple weeks ago (the day Hubby was in the hospital). I forgot it was her birthday for most of the day! She also started summer with DARK BROWN hair. *sigh* She's getting so big... :)


Cameron said...

What the heck Sis...Bandage on hands, Hubby in hospital. What's going on out there? :)

EllaJac said...

hahaha! I wondered who would notice that first... Yes, I was cooking dinner one day, and behind me, on the counter, she found a knife (sharp!) and used it to cut the apricot she was holding in her left hand. It was very hard to keep it clean, as she kept getting it dirty, so I just took to wrapping it hugely in bandage for that purpose.

Not to worry; she's all healed up now. :)

Sheri Salatin said...

Love the pictures of your kids. :) So cute!!

Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the "One Lovely Blog Award" today. Stop by to claim it. :)


Jackie said...

Your children are beautiful!

Jackie said...

Your children are beautiful.
Congratulations on your blog award!