Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another One Bites The... Cookie?

Actually I think it was bread.

Darling Baby #2 - our 5-year-old Little Artist - lost her first tooth Christmas Eve, with the help of an auntie and some tough bread to bite on. Adjusted for birthdates, she lost this first tooth within a month of her older sister's first loss. And also has a second one close behind! She was given the same warning about Gi-gi as her sister was, and never even mentioned it to her the two days we visited prior to Christmas (and that was hard, mind you! She was showing it off to everyone!).

I still think 5 1/2 is so young for losing teeth, and had a hard time believing it was possible (again). She now sports a gap-toothed grin that reminds me she is growing up so quickly!

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