Monday, December 07, 2009

RIP Aflac

Aflac, that erstwhile Pekin, is no more.

When we returned from our Thanksgiving trip, she wasn't hanging out in the usual spots. By now, we're certain she's gone for good. Hubby thinks some white feathers he saw lately were *not* from the turkeys or geese.

Aflac came to us over 3 1/2 years ago.

I wanted to raise some turkeys, but didn't want us to "fall in love" with them and not want to eat them, so I got a duck to go along. Turns out, falling in love with the turkeys was not a problem. Didn't really like the duck much, at times, either.

She started out in the garden cart, swimming in a paint tray. We didn't know she was a she until a few months later when we started finding eggs in the backyard.

She was even part of my long-time profile pic!

Now she is gone, as is the trampoline, Mary Jane, and the Little Monkey in the bucket is even mostly memory.Come to think of it, that little aspen tree in the background is gone too, Hubby having chopped it's diseased self down this year.

She was forever getting into (and soiling) the kids' wading pools.

Getting into the garden, before it was fenced.

When we sold Mary Jane to my cousin last summer, I sent him photos of the car, labeled for clarity.

She has a striking photo in my brother's Birthday Tribute from a couple years ago.

Ah, Aflac, we will miss you pooping all over the walkways, dirtying up any drop of water you could access, playing in the sprinklers at midnight, loudly quacking a greeting (scolding?) when we drove up to the house, and being our general watch-duck.

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sariah said...

I must have missed this post! I'm sorry for your loss. Her memory can live on in our family's Aflac who has VERY similar attributes to all those you mentioned in your last paragraph. You have some great pictures to keep her memory alive.