Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sisters... Sisters...

There were never such devoted Sisters...

Have you watched White Christmas yet? You need to. So do I.

This picture was taken late October.

Organique had one of these little suits in a 6-month size. Later I found them on clearance and bought a 9-month size, and a 24-month size. I had no idea I'd have girls wearing them at THE SAME TIME. Or that my next 2 1/2 month old would be nearly too big for the 6-month suit.

But truly, when Organique isn't trying to poke Baby's eyes out, or pinch her fingers and toes, she's so loving. Too loving, really, but what can you do? :) The girls were allowed to watch a Muppet Christmas Carol the other evening, Big Sister and Organique sharing a small seat. I came in and was going to set Baby with Little Artist for a moment, and Organique nearly raised the roof, demanding to be near her baby sister. If I prop Baby in the corner of the couch, Organique is right there, sitting by (nearly on) the little chunk.

It's exasperating sometimes, trying to protect the little one from such exuberant love.

But someday I'm going to miss this like crazy.

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Meghann said...

they are so beautiful! :)