Sunday, December 27, 2009


Have you all seen this ad? It's been around the blogs for a while now, but I just had to post about it too. I'm still a little surprised that it's real, but I love it:

"Once upon a time, men wore the pants, and wore them well. Women rarely had to open doors and little old ladies never crossed the street alone. Men took charge because that’s what they did. But somewhere along the way, the world decided it no longer needed men. Disco by disco, latte by foamy non-fat latte, men were stripped of their khaki’s and left stranded on the road between boyhood and androgyny. But today, there are questions our genderless society has no answers for. The world sits idly by and cities crumble, children misbehave and those little old ladies remain on one side of the street. For the first time since bad guys, we need heroes. We need grown-ups. We need men to put down the plastic fork, step away from the salad bar and untie the world from the tracks of complacency. It’s time to get your hands dirty. It’s time to answer the call of manhood. It’s time to wear the pants.”

I emailed them (Had to click through to the levi strauss site, then a Contact Us form) to give my thumbs' up, encouraging them to not just SAY such things, but DO them too.

There's all sorts of criticism, of course, saying this is sexist. I say, "probably. And we need more of it."

We've never been a Dockers household, but the likelihood of our ever being one has gone up dramatically.


Andi said...

Wow! That is impressive boldness for an ad campaign! Way to go Dockers :)

Andi said...

Wow! That is impressive boldness for an ad campaign! Way to go Dockers :)

MamaJ said...

I saw that on Doug Phillips' blog! Isn't it neat? I wonder what prompted them to do that ad?

EllaJac said...

MamaJ, I'm sure that $$ is the root of this ad. People are being careful of their money these days, and it couldn't have been too hard to bet that people are getting a little sick of the political-correctness we all live under. Whether or not they believe it, who knows. But they have my approval anyway. :)