Friday, May 09, 2008

A New Hobby

Hubby and I have been enjoying (sometimes - weather permitting) a new pasttime!

You might not believe it, but we've been learning the Art of Fencing.

We mostly have no idea what we're doing, but it's good exercise, anyway.

Hubby is much better than I, but he doesn't have the added complication of a nursing-mother's figure.

And so far I'm the only one to attempt it with Organique in the Ergo on my back!


Fencing might not be the best thing to do with an infant on board? Well, the added weight really gets my heartrate up and works my thigh muscles (and let me tell you, they need worked!) with all the bending and lunging and crouching and all.


Take a look:

Now, it's not entirely done yet. Still more fencing to do. But Hubby's hyperactive mutt dear dog must be kept out of my garden. Must. Plus, we ran out of fence and are using cattle panels (leftover from the pig pen last year) to make up the difference. And, while the telephone poles Hubby snatched from old work sites make awesome corners (lest you think we have no class at all, I assure you he cut them shorter), the disconnected fence started pulling one corner post up... So the pickup and a come-along are holding it fast.

Not sure if Hubby plans to let me use his pickup as a post all season or not...


MamaJ said...

Oh, you're funny! You had me going there for a minute!

En Garde!

annie said...

you are hilarious. i was hoping to see you in a fencing suit, complete with facemask and ergo on your back! how's the bee sting? and what's the temp there lately?

home handymum said...

LOL, I was just starting to picture trying to put one of those white suits over a nursing mother's figure and then strapping a child on the back, and the whole mesh face-mask thing.
very funny

EllaJac said...

Annie, it was 60ish today, winds... 20+. I do hate the wind. Blows car doors shut (or open, depending) and kids can't even play outside.

As to the 'bee' sting, first I must remind you that 'bees' are nice. They never do such things to me. They make almonds possible, and other nice things. This was an Evil Yellow Jacket hailing from The Pit of Hell. It's doing better. Swelling is down (haha, not that a bit more swelling in that area is noticeable), but still itchy.

Handymum; I can't believe how many of y'all I had convinced! I'm fairly certain there's no "legitimate, white-suit fencing" going on within, oh, 200 miles of here. :D

annie said...

oh, excuse me...yellow jacket. bee was easier to type while holding my wiggly 11 month old and i take shortcuts where i can. :)

EllaJac said...

Annie, Ah. Wiggly 11 month old. Lap. You're entirely forgiven. :)