Thursday, May 08, 2008

Not Fair

I love bees. They make honey, and via pollination, make most of our food. Well, much, anyway.

I don't love yellow jackets.

I don't even like them.

They're a kind of evil, I think.

I don't even remember half my wedding ceremony because I was so distracted by ... something crawling around in the sleeve of my dress.

I thought it was a ladybug.

It wasn't.

It only stung me a little bit, after the guests got to wonder what the five minutes of gently waving my left arm around were all about. When I hollered and jumped back and let the miserable creature fly out of the bodice things began to look up.

On Monday, for her birthday, I took our Li'l Artista and her sisters for a picnic. As I stepped out the front door to put the picnic box (didn't have a basket) and quilt in the car, something buzzed past my ear and straight down my blouse. It managed to fly under my blouse and my tank top and lodge itself between... well, anyway, it stung me once, but well. After I hollered and dropped everything and gently began rolling my garments inside out while standing on the front porch (grateful for country living and distant neighbors, just then), it eventually made it's way out.

And I hurriedly ran back indoors, hurting more and more and wracking my brain for the proper treatment for such a thing. I rummaged for an antihistamine spray, but couldn't find it. Vinegar? I grabbed a papertowel and wet it with some vinegar and tucked it where it was needed. The cool dampness helped, and my brainpower returned. I checked my Home Remedy book. Oops, not vinegar. Baking soda. Geez. I traded the vinegar for baking soda (no volcanos) and rummaged again for the antihistamine spray.

Would such a spray be okay for a nursing mother?

Would such a spray be okay for the, uh, nursing elements of a mother?

For that matter, would Organique be poisoned if I nursed her???

Good heavens.

I found a spray. Not sure what it was, as my middle child was still Little Monkey when I bought it, and tore the cellophane label entirely off. I used it. How's that for responsible motherhood? I later made a call to my naturopath/midwife who suggested Tea Tree Oil or Lavendar Oil for pain.

That was 2 days ago. And it's mostly done hurting, but oh, it itches.

What's the allotted number of times a yellow jacket may make its way to the inside of your clothing on special days? I'm pretty sure I've had my quota filled.


Joanna said...

That was very funny. I'm not sure it was supposed to be funny, but it was. I hope your sting and wee little nurser are doing OK today.

I like seeing families with lots of girls! We have four ourselves. What joy!

EllaJac said...

Joanna, Thank you for commenting! Yes, it was supposed to be funny... It better be, else I endured misery for no purpose, and I like to 'get my money's worth' out of any misery.

*sigh* I love my girls. I know I don't know any better, but I'm SO not complaining. Really, don't let the boy's outfit in the pictures fool you; I bought that while still pregnant when we were *so sure* it was a boy. Can't let it go to waste now! :)